On November 25-26, Ukrainian Energy Exchange held an auction using the electronic trading system for the sale of unprocessed timber harvested in the first quarter of 2020 by forestry enterprises of Kyiv Region and Kyiv City Forestry and Hunting Department. Traditionally, both coniferous and deciduous timber of various lengths and diameters were offered for sale. Of course, oak with a diameter of 40-49 cm was the most popular.

Thus, Boguslavske forestry for such a lot of 15 cubic meters received more than 233 thousand UAH. The initial price was 180 thousand UAH. We sum up that forestry received additional 53 thousand. Although specialists of the forest industry calculate the price increase per one cubic meter of wood - so the price increased by 3.5 thousand hryvnias from the initial one of 12 thousand UAH.

Even more successful was the auction for the Fastovske forestry. For 20 cubes of such timber, they received as much as 125 thousand UAH more than the initial price. The cost of one cubic meter increased by almost 6 300 UAH.

"We have started to organize trades for 14 forestry enterprises Kyiv Region and Kyiv City Forestry and Hunting Department relatively recently. It was only 4th quarterly our auction. However, it was successful. Traditionally, there were up to 50 bidders who competed for each lot. Therefore, as a result, the foresters of Kyiv and region received over 32 million UAH ", - sums up Oleksandr Kovalenko, CEO of the UEEX.