Yesterday, on December 17, Ukrainian Energy Exchange held an auction for the sale of liquefied gas on the domestic market of SC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya", where 8.2 thousand tons were put up at the total starting price of about 138.5 million UAH. In total, about 55.5% that is 4.5 thousand tons of liquefied gas were sold at the weighted average price of 18988.5 UAH per t.

The long break of the auctions was due to the November’s dissolution of the Auction Committee for the sale of oil, condensate and liquefied gas. A new composition of the Auction Committee was formed in Ukraine on December 11.

As the world experience shows, exchange operations with oil products and liquefied gas have become particularly active on international markets. According to analysts, one of the main problematic issues in the oil market of Ukraine is the dependence of the country’s energy security on imports of oil products, which tends to strengthen. World oil quotations were subject to rapid volatility at the beginning of the month. However, the panic in the market was contained, and with it the prices of oil products and liquefied gas.