2018 was very productive for the Ukrainian Energy Exchange. CE "UEEX" actively developed trades in petroleum products, liquefied gas, coal, and especially - natural gas. Also for the participants of electronic trading sessions, the functionality of the electronic trading system was improved, as well as the trading procedure in general.

In 2018, the growth of CE "UEEX" took place on all the parameters listed. Despite the fact that work was done to unite sellers and buyers in one trading session, as well as reducing the number of trading sessions to 1-2 per day in the Natural Gas section, their number increased by 52% to 677 and the number of concluded deals grew by 32% and almost reached 10 000.

Last year, Ukrainian Energy Exchange significantly expanded the circle of participants in the electronic trading system BETS, of which there are now 654. The number of participants in the Natural Gas section increased rapidly: at the end of 2018, 185 companies were accredited, which is 65 more than as of December 2017. Among them are Ukrainian mining companies and international traders, such as JV PPC, Socar, MET Ukraine, AOT Energy and others.

Last year, energy resources were sold in the amount of about 15 billion UAH, including the sale and purchase of 3.93 million tons of various energy resources (coal, oil products, liquefied gas, oil, methanol and other raw materials) and 158.55 million cubic meters of natural gas.

2018 was a landmark for the Ukrainian gas market due to the intensification of the introducing daily balancing process. In response to the existing challenges and dynamic changes, Ukrainian Energy Exchange launched an information trading platform in September to do deals on the OTC market, where 4.38 million cubic meters of natural gas were sold of natural gas

Also, 2018 was very fruitful for the exchange in the context of participation in the project ProZorro. Sales. In summer, the sale of small-scale privatization objects was introduced at the sale.ueex.com.ua site, and is an extremely important step in the matter of effectively selling state and municipal property. In early December, the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine put the first lots for the sale of use of subsoil permits through the exchange site. Orders for participation in auctions for the acquisition of use of the subsoil permits of Ukraine can already be submitted.

In general, Ukrainian Energy Exchange completed 2018 in the first place in the ProZorro. Sales site rating in terms of sold assets.

Oleksandr Kovalenko, CEO of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange, commented on the main achievements in the following way: "Starting from 2016, each following year was more successful than the previous one. We constantly improve trading process, establish cooperation with leading European and world exchanges in order to provide truly high-quality services on the Ukrainian market. We already see the result: Ukrainian Energy Exchange is becoming a recognized source of price indications of energy resources that are published by international information agencies (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Argus, ICIS) and are used by public authorities. For example, in December last year, Ministry of Economic Development has published recommendations for change in gas prices in public procurement in view of the European hub and Ukrainian Energy Exchange quotations.

We are constantly working on the embodiment of best European practices in exchange trading. Our goal is a truly efficient, liquid and competitive market in which fair prices for energy resources are formed, and due to the growing number of Ukrainian companies among the participants and transparent pricing, our country is energy independent."