According to the data published in the module of business analytics of the ProZorro.Sale system, based on the results of 11 months of operation in 2017 among electronic sites, the absolute leader in the sales of bank assets is the site of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange, whose customers have acquired assets on more than 571 million UAH, which is 38% ahead of the nearest competitor. Recall that more than 40 platforms are accredited in the ProZorro.Sale system.

By results of trades, lots were sold with a high growth in the selling price, which demonstrates both the efficiency of the electronic exchange site of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange and the ProZorro.Sale system in general.

"We have long begun to cooperate with the Deposits Guarantee Fund, our experience shows that the key to successful work is an individual approach, both to each client and to every object that we realize. We accompany clients before the asset repurchase procedure is completed and provide full technical, consulting and legal support. As a result, we have the largest number of successful auctions on our site" said CEO of the Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

Recall that since March 2017, the Deposit Guarantee Fund has allowed individuals to participate in auctions for the sale of claims under credit agreements that are recorded on the balance sheet of insolvent banks. This means that everyone who wants has the opportunity to repurchase loan without unnecessary financial intermediaries, saving considerable money on this. Specialists of CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" help clients to build the right strategy for participating in auctions".

Concerning the prospects of this direction, Oleksandr Kovalenko added:

"First of all, we expect more active activity of the Deposits Guarantee Fund in the Issue of Assets for Sale, DGF and NBU repeatedly noted that they plan to sell 90% of all assets of bankrupt banks in 2017.

Secondly, a new type of auction has already been introduced - the "Dutch", an auction for a fall, which goal is to accelerate sale process, and hence all market participants, from buyers to the Fund, will be able to meet their needs. Trading conditions vary considerably, but customers will not have problems, because we care about buyers from the very beginning".