A series of webinars for electricity market participants on the topic “Organization of electricity trade in the wholesale market” has started today. The main speaker is Krzysztof Rogulski, a Polish expert on energy sector transformation.

The seminar attracted a lot of attention from the electricity market participants. The number of views of the online translation reached 234 participants, from 200 companies.

The seminar was opened by the acting Minister of Energy Olha Buslavets. She expressed confidence in the development of the electricity market, noting the effective world practice of centralizing electricity trading on the exchange to form market prices. She also noted the work of the Ministry, together with the European partners of the EBRD and the Energy Community Secretariat , on the development of exchange trading on the UEEX in accordance with European standards.

Representatives of NEURC also actively participated in the discussion.

Oleksii Dubovskyi, Chairman of the Exchange Committee of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange, in his speech noted the positive changes in the electricity market in Ukraine, which contributed to the development of competition and the formation of a fair price.

Krzysztof Rogulski is the main speaker of the seminar. Today he raised the relevant issues on the electricity market in Ukraine. NEURC representatives also participated and initiated an active discussion with the speaker. During the entire seminar, the number of participants was at least two hundred, which once again shows the relevance of the issues raised. They asked many questions and touched not only on aspects of work in the Ukrainian market, but also on the experience of European countries.

The next webinar will take place on November 16 at 2 pm. All registered participants will receive links on the day of holding the webinar.