July was exceptionally favourable for natural gas trading on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange. In total, the companies sold 16 million cubic meters of July resource and 31 mcm of August resource. The initiators of the trading sessions are, among others, both Ukrainian mining companies and traders.

Naftogaz Trading showed positive dynamics. In July, Naftogaz’s subsidiary company was the initiator in 16 trading sessions, according to the results of which it sold 12.3 mcm of July resource and 13.2 mcm of August resource. Since July 5, the company has sold almost 100% of its resources in July and August. This is the best result of sales among other initiators of trading sessions in the direction of "Natural gas".

August for Naftogaz Trading started not less productively: from August 1 to August 6, the company sold almost 10 mcm of August resource and 4 mcm of September resource. Note that since August 1, the company sells the resources of August and September every trading day.

"We are pleased with our cooperation with Naftogaz Trading in building a liquid natural gas exchange market in Ukraine. The company introduces transparent procedures for the sale of resources, contributes to the development of transparent pricing in the natural gas market ", - said the Chairman of the Exchange Committee of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksii Dubovskyi.

Interested parties usually need to go through the KYC procedure to participate in trading, as well as to obtain accreditation on the Exchange. All interested parties are welcome to participate in trading sessions on natural gas purchase and sale on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.

We shall remind you that the prices of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange, according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №485 dated June 5, 2019, are determined by one of the indicators on the basis of which the prices of natural gas for the population are set within the framework of the Provision on Putting Special Obligations (PSO). As of June and July, the price of natural gas resource at the UEEX was the lowest among other indicators included in the formula.