On September 12, 2018 in the Information platform of Ukrainian Energy Exchange, deals were concluded for the supply of natural gas with a total volume of 350 thousand cubic meters of which 200 thousand cubic meters resource of September sold at a price of 12 800,00 UAH with VAT. Also the first of this month’s sale and purchase deal of the October resource was concluded for 150 thousand cubic meters at a price of 12 875,00 UAH with VAT.

"Participants of exchange trades actively use new OTS platform for making deals. We have trained more than 180 companies to work in the system and we believe that in the near future this will become the main mechanism for concluding deals in the Ukrainian natural gas market. We are also confident that with the introduction of daily balancing our clients will not have difficulties in making deals on the exchange in the framework of a new market," noted Oleksandr Kovalenko, CEO of CE UEEX.

In both cases of natural gas sales, the seller was "Kraft Energy" company which has been operating on the gas market of Ukraine for more than 2 years and actively trades on the exchange. "For us as a supplier, this is yet another modern and convenient tool for selling natural gas to consumers. We offer both imported resource and Ukrainian gas for sale. The platform presented by Ukrainian Energy Exchange operates in accordance with the European rules for natural gas sale and purchase, allows one to conduct trading activities more effectively, and provides an opportunity for customers to make deals at the best prices,"- noted in "Kraft Energy" LLC.

The buyer of the resource in the deal with "Kraft Energy" LLC was "Sodruzhestvo" GK. "For us as a consumer, the OTS platform is an opportunity to diversify our purchases, quickly find needed resource at the best price offer.It is convenient and allows choosing the best offer, efficiently and transparently work in the market," noted in "Sodruzhestvo" GK.